Stretching, Anyone?


The house is a bustle with showers being taken and clothes being laid out.  The sound of our 5 year old running through the house falling spewing out ‘I’m okay, I’m okay’ all the while making train noises until one can hear no other audible noise but the searing sound of a whistle fills the air.

Ahh yes, it’s Sunday.  A day we look forward to and shudder at knowing the new week has begun.  The car ride blares Christian music with the last of the donuts scarfed down quickly as we pull into the parking lot.  Quickly I begin going through the week reflecting on what I could have done differently if only I were a better Christian.  My mind fills with memories and what if’s as I walk up the lot looking back trying to hurry my 5 year old and my husband, giving a quick glance over at our teen wonder, I take in from the look on her face that she is trying to hide the fact that we are together.  I try my best to ignore it and begin the smiles and occasional greeting of faces we recognize.  Finally we get our 5 year old signed in to his allocated children’s room and give each other ‘the’ look.  If you’ve ever had a child you know the look well.  The one of ahhh, now THIS is nice.

We walk happily greeting other Godly passersby wondering how they are so seemingly together all the while sipping on the coffee my husband always gets us from upstairs while I wait with hurting feet on the bench below.  Finding seating my husband gets to the business of filling out the attendance record, as we begin the checkbook conversation.  With his steel mind he looks back at every check and calculates if we are up to date, I leave that to him and begin flipping through the bulletin looking at highlights all the while anticipating how God will use his instrument to push and propel me further in my walk with him this Sunday and throughout the coming week.

As I pray for my pastor, it reminds me of something I came across on a Christian blog, ‘Worship leaders. Don’t pray for hands up this weekend. Anyone can stretch. Pray for lives changed.’ I began to ask myself am I just stretching? A life of hands up is nice to see on the outside, however, within the depths of the shell called me am I living a life changed?   Today Pastor Jerome gave us a call to stretch where it hurts in both money and spirit to sum up he asked us to look at ourselves through another ‘lens’.  I wonder, how much one small change would affect our lives ones that may being lived simply as ‘hands up’.  Could it be that we instead would live changed lives embedded in Christ?

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member and Volunteer

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