The Multitudes

Crowded Lot

Have you ever been frustrated by, well, people?  They cut you off in traffic, they decide to go to the grocery store when you do or they take the last of the coffee you really need especially since your 5 old decided he was scared of everything in the house at 4am and slept on top of you because he wanted to make sure you would not leave his top bunk bed without him.  Those lucky people who just seem to get the better of you in a parking lot quickly getting the best spot that was seemingly waiting for them, the same one that you have been driving incessantly around the same lot for 10 minutes looking to land and you really have no idea why.

It seems a multitude is always around just when you want them the least.  As I listen to Max Lucado’s thought for the day speaking of the multitudes, he reminded us that Jesus also had a multitude around him.  Unlike what is usually the norm for us today, Jesus’ heart was touched by them, even in the worst times of his short life here on Earth.  ‘When he saw the multitude’s he was moved with compassion for them because they were weary and scattered’

I wonder what would happen if each us during just one interaction a day would pray for the person who takes that last hot cup of coffee, or the person who got the coveted prized parking lot space.  For who knows, maybe, just maybe they might have not slept that night but instead lay in the cold while we had a warm bed or at the very least a warm home.  Maybe they are running in to get medicine for a loved one who they are in agony over leaving and are trying to get back to them quickly making that coveted parking spot a true blessing.

What if instead of grumbling because we can, we set our minds and hearts to looking at their spiritual need.  Would this lead to a different inner self and then how we interact with others that surround us?  Would our circumstances change or would we?   As Pastor Jerome reminds us it’s easy to be selfish, it’s in every day of every minute in our lives.  What if we set ourselves aside for one day, for that one interaction… maybe it would be that we leave that coveted spot open for someone we do not know nor will ever see, or we smile and pray for the child of God, whether they acknowledge him, and ask to help them pour the last bit of prized coffee into their cup.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member and Volunteer

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