Rogue Staff Members


The Cypress UMC staff loves the idea of team work. We try to work across ministries to support one another.

There is one team called the “Faith Development Team” that is a combination of children, youth and adult education and missions. They work hard to bring about spiritual growth and above all maturity in all areas of Christian education.

There are however a few rogue staff members on that team where pranks abound.

My case in point. See Caitlin and Allyson hard at work transforming the office of Joel McKinnon, their beloved boss. I however, had NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS HANUS CRIME AGAINST MY CO-WORKER (see the white board in the background…that’s my handwork).

“Teamwork” I say, “Teamwork!”

Written By: Sarah Holbrook,
Cypress UMC Director of Communications

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