Hello God, It’s Me Lisa


Have you ever felt you were set aside for something or that you were on the verge of something yet somehow never reaching that point?  Growing up I never seemed to be in the right place or the right time.  It makes you nuts trying to figure it out as you walk through life wondering… is THIS it?  What I’ve been waiting for…  It was not until much later in life that the unwavering knowledge of something unknown would make itself known.

Faith, the word of God says is the unshakeable belief in something without physical proof of that existence.  In seasons or times in our lives we may or may not feel God present, it’s quite scary, however if we hold on to faith, that uncanny ability to believe during the worst times in our lives regardless of how tragic our circumstances and sometimes to our own disbelief that our faithfulness is rewarded with peace, assuredness and bound with love. I had the all American dream of the 2.5 kids (whatever that means, what exactly is a .5 kid anyway) a husband, a solid job, a nice house and was going to church regularly, even volunteering regularly.  I was a good Christian, on paper to anyone who knew or passed me, but deep down I had no idea how to really get what everyone else seemed to have all around me or if it was even truly obtainable, that scary word at least to the writer, Christianity.

I was determined to and had developed myself into an expert at finding and maintaining a perfect cover, with a mastery level within this masquerade ball called life, I was as some refer to as at the top of my game.  That is until what I now refer to as the moment God called my name, loudly.  He sent through my own actions and selfishness my world crumbling around me, my solid house of cards which was built with much human precision crashed and crashed down hard on all sides.  Somehow I knew it was only a matter of time and now I can look back in awe of the mighty things God has done to awaken this particular writer.  It was exhausting and although it’s hard to believe I was in a sense relieved.  I was tired of faking it until I made it, because in essence, and every other realm besides the theater of my mind, I never really made it.

It was a long and scary road God sent this writer down, most days there was not a ray of light other than a small pinpoint which slowly manifested into a stream of faith from which eventually a river flowed into a larger ocean.  Sometimes in our lives God uses things that we have built with or without him that seem to be the end of our world in the moment of destruction, which is not only meant to teach us those things we have yet to learn but also to help others who without our own destruction would never have found their way.  It is in times like these that God takes what we ourselves have crashed around us to rebuild our temple stronger, more durable and with the right building blocks so that it will not easily fall again.

Destruction leads to cleaning which leads to rebuilding in him a stronger foundation one that won’t easily be destroyed again.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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