Twilight & Beyond

twilight & beyond

My eyes slowly open burning slightly as they begin to focus in the dark that surrounds my being, the clock becomes more focused that I might read the red lit contraption which sits upon the cluttered table.  Names filter through the mind, of those in some cases I do not know well, other times it’s family or close friends.  Their names encompass my being in the pre dawn hours of the day.

It is often said that it is Holy Spirit of God calling one to pray for a specific person whether the one being beckoned know them well or not.  Our prayers I am told are like a pleasant trail sent to the foot of the cross in Heaven bringing an odor of our offering to God himself a small sampling of our very soul.

If you’re anything like this writer I’m not one to truly share my prayer requests unless it is to heal a member of my family or friends I know are going through a difficult time.  This awakening thing that happens more days than not to this writer which have become a reassurance that God is faithful.

Faithfulness and the reassurance of this is something that can bring much worry to a mind that considers much or more to the point of this writer, is stuck in park of the futileness of not letting go of something. It is comforting that as one is awaken so then are others awakened to pray as well.

It is said some days that for when we cannot speak of the things which grieves us as we ourselves may not find the words, the Spirit of God petitions another to rise and hold them in prayer.  Each day this writer is woken by the spirit I am comforted in that as I lay in prayer so someone may one day hold me in prayer as well, what love is this!

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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