Kindergarten Room 109


Allen and Deb are unassuming nice folk, they are just a sample of many of the hearts and minds that continuously serve under the guise of ‘Children’s Church Volunteers’.  You know the kind, they always have an ear to lend and a warm smile to welcome you in.  It doesn’t matter that they haven’t seen your face at church in a few weeks because they make you feel like they have been there themselves as understanding and acceptance are just who they are.  These are the unspoken hero’s of those who love and teach our children.

No big awards ceremony awaits these servants, nor do we hear much hoopla or accolades about the commitments they keep each Sunday.  They quietly work behind the scenes taking much care in choosing the right lesson, with the right stories with the right craft and or activities.  As proof of their tremendous effort, somehow they get kindergartener’s to learn ALL the books in the bible within a short period of time.  They are quietly serving with impact, I might add, courageously teaching our children how to cut and paste and listen to a story of Jesus and a bible verse.  They instruct with authoritative kindness when a child is being overbearing or unruly and still somehow in the midst of this they are able to still wipe tears and give hugs when a child is insecure away from a loving parent or grandparent.

They are a calming wind in the stormy sea of childhood, much like Jesus calmed the seas for his pupils.  Each Sunday they give unselfishly countless hours of their time devoting themselves to our children, experiencing the peaks and valleys within them as God has portioned each one his or her share.  These hero’s are not only teachers they become students as well learning as some children teach them patience, some laughter, some hope and some allow them to hone the all important task of sharpening steel upon steel.

It is easy to overlook their quite servants heart.  As I watch my son, and think of them teaching this to him along with countless other children as they sing the books of the bible (okay mine is missing a couple of Sunday’s) I realize the hard work it takes.  The foundation they are building is a legacy that goes without recognition.  As a former fellow Children’s Sunday School Volunteer for Older Kindergarten Room 109, I say, take heart fellow servants, for although you were brought to serve our children your nets, much like the original disciples extend far beyond your assigned room number.  May God empower you to continue his work not only to those children inside your room but also to us, the parents, for without your love and devotion we and our children would be lost.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member and Volunteer

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