For All That You Are


Dear God,

Thank You for all that You are.

For Your grace; Your sweet, perfect, amazing grace that brings me to my knees when I try and wrap my mind around it.

For Your love; the love that broke Your heart for Your children, buried up to our eyes in sin, and led You to send Your perfect Son to be a perfect sacrifice on our behalf, and save us from the penalty of our sin: death.

For Your Son; Immanuel, God with us, the Messiah, our Savior, Jesus Christ, fully God and fully man, who left His glorious throne to be a poor, humble, human–Your own creation–and lived His whole earthly life in no sin, dwelling among us and loving us. Thank You for the complexity of the Gospel, that I can understand grace and love and sacrifice, but am still in awe of Your mystery.

Thank You, Lord, for Your word; Your love letters to us, Your children. You are such a good Dad.

You show us the way, but do not force us. You save us when we need to be saved, and You let us make mistakes when we need to learn. Yet, You never give us a burden too big to carry, because, if we are leaning on You like we should, nothing is too big to carry.

And, knowing this, I thank You for struggles. I thank You for the very thing that burdens me, for it often brings me closer to You.

Thank You for never giving up on me. I know I deserve it, time and time again. But You wait patiently on me. So I will wait patiently on You.

You have shown me Your glory, O God! You have shown me in Your word, and You have shown me in my world. I look to the stars and know that I cannot even see all that Your glory touches. But I know I am one of Your creations, and my sole purpose is to glorify You.

How can I not, God?! You are so magnificent, no adjective will suffice to describe You. And yet, here I am, a sinner, prone to wander away from You and Your glory and Your truth and Your promises.

I run away so quickly from You, my Everything, for meaningless earthly pleasures, until I can’t even begin to crawl my way out of the slimy pit I’ve dug myself into. But then You’re there. In my pain and suffering and hopelessness, You’re there, pulling me out of the mud and the mire (psalm 40).

And I am falling into Your grace again. Like an ocean.

Guide me, Lord. Keep my paths straight. I will live deeply in Your word, in the scriptures. I will uphold Your truths in my own actions. I will go and tell the story of my Savior to everyone, knowing that we do not know when we will breathe our last. But with my last breath, I will be singing Your praises.

I will anxiously await Your return, my King! Your bride awaits; we are so in love with You. You have made us strong in our faith as we waited and we are ready for Your coming. Oh, please come soon!

This world is so broken, so desperately in need of You. Jesus, You were the only one who could save us.

Thank You for saving us. Thank you for saving me in your perfect timing.

Thank You for all that You are.

Written By: Christie Walker,
Cypress UMC Communications Department

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