Popcorn, Anyone?


Seeing excitement in young children is so over joyous to me as I watch their wondrous eyes dance while their face and smiles are excited at all things possible.  It’s no wonder to this writer as I tap my fingers on my fruitless electronic wonder, that Jesus said let the children come to me…

Our family attended Family Movie Night with the Children’s Sidewalk Ministry, this is truly a heartwarming event.  It does so much more than offer a movie and I for one highly recommend this event.  As our family enjoyed our children and grandchildren, every now and again I would just sit and watch the multitude, I could see Christ and his spirit of love and full acceptance in the midst surrounding each soul.  Whether that person was enjoying the movie, or catching up with a friend not seen in a while or if it’s the children running around (remarkable quiet I might offer) with large smiles on their faces from the openness which surrounds them along side of many others their age also enjoying the non conforming environment joy is abounding and plentiful.

It amazes me each time our family goes, the workers who through their continuous commitment show up, prepare and stand with loving kindness ready to prepare bags of popcorn or vacuum the littered floor long before or after the rest of us have gone home.  These wonderful souls are Joel McKinnon and Caitlin Davis not only do they prepare and tear down they are engaging both children and parents.  Somehow these beautiful people along with their dedication, keep the wonder in children as they make their way around ensuring each child has been acknowledge and engaged in whatever makes them happy, as well as making the adults feel welcomed as they listen or offer the differing escapades in this ball called life since the last gathering.

Christ tells us to put away childish things however, along with this we are instructed to have a heart as a child for these will see the kingdom of God.  This can be confusing, however while attending this movie night I realized that these two things actually play very well with each other as well as giving so much to others beyond the bounds of a family gathering in Christ.

Watching Joel he reminds me of such a wonder, he is always so willing to do just about anything for the cause, he stands ready to engage as an adult, while also offering smiles for the little ones or helping adults whether this be listening to a story, helping them emotionally or just offering a warm hug.  It’s the best of both worlds.

I’m not sure he realizes the impact his quiet, quirky character offers others in his path, his hugs alone are to this writer a sweet reminder that God uses these sweet embraces as an instrument to tug on our hearts and gently remind us that being children in our hearts will go far in our ability to see the kingdom of Heaven, maybe even a little of that here on Earth.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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