Farrah Fawcett & Those Beautiful Wings

farrah fawcett

There is nothing like the warming smell of cinnamon oatmeal raisin cookies permeating throughout the house.  Ah yes, the warmness and comfort of home. On a blustery day it makes the incessantly whirling winds outside seem far off, almost calmer.  I am always in awe of how writings just come to me.  One minute I am void of any direction, the next I stand making homemade tortillas pushing and pulling the dough hoping for inspiration while being calmed by the symphonic tunes playing on the kitchen radio.  Then like an old 70‘s batman cartoon POW! KA-BOOM there it is.  I go sit gather my apple companion where typing and deleting begins most of the time, much to my amazement.  Many times I have started writing something and the finished product is nothing like what I had started.  I call this God using me, I like this when it happens.

I always get a little panicked when I try to think of new refreshing ways to get at the little things in life and write about them.  Somewhere between rolling the tortillas out and eating them (I had to taste test after all) I had an epiphany I am woman!  Have you ever wondered exactly what a Godly woman looks like?  How does she act, what things does she say?  Some days trying to figure this out feels like being in the midst of the howling outdoor winds instead of the warmth and comfort of our home.

We have many books, seminars and ministries at our disposal bending any slant you’d like to conform to.  They give us the outlines or programs some even offer recovery steps for the weak on how to be a stronger, wiser, a more independent and take no guff off of anyone, especially a man kind of woman.  There is much to do in many churches about getting plugged in women’s ministry but for some they just never seem to find their niche.  So they sit and participate like a stranger in a foreign land going through the motions.  However, because they do not know the language, they are kept from really understanding what is being conveyed.

I used to always be flustered by this.  I mean I am woman, I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in the pan and never, never let him forget he’s a …. If you are from the same era as this writer, you know the ending to that little jingle.  It’s man.  Being a woman today is a lot like writing to me.  Both leave me dumbfounded, writing for instance at least for me is my escape route I am very private (write but then you have to share your inner most being with, well, everyone) producing the result you have in front of you now, sharing.  Much like the embattled war of be a woman but  wait, don’t be too abrasive.  They forgot one thing, what if that is the way God made me?  I battled God every chance I got, on both of these issues.  I swore off of writing for more than a decade (yes I’m that stubborn) because I would not share my personal experiences.  Much like being a woman was back in the 70‘s it was the era of we are coming into our own, We CAN do this thing.  Farrah and her wings were beautiful and everyone wanted to obtain them the motto of the time was Let’s DO this thing!  I never was what I refer to as a foo foo girl, young foo foo lady or now a foo foo woman.  I did not wear pink, high heels, etc. when I was growing up, or at least not much.

Something about our society’s message for Women today is worrisome.  This writer has a 13 year old and I wonder exactly how confusing this all is to her.  They say you need to be strong, courageous, independent, showing little to no mercy for other women nor our male counterparts.  But what if instead we say somewhere, somehow there is a place where weakness and humility are loving attributes to be encouraged in girls today.  Where yellow brick roads that somehow lost there luster are still there waiting to be polished.  Will it be easy I ask within, this new road you are beginning to walk? I’ll give you a resounding, NO.  However, now I am older and a tad, a very little tad bit wiser, I have begun the long road of finding what God not society wants me to be.  It is by the Grace of God that I no longer feel I need to conform to what I grew up thinking I should be or what I should look like.

I’m just a little nervous, a lot terrified and somewhat excited to see where this 1/16 polished yellow brick road leads.  As this blog comes to a close I will share this with each of you, all these uneasy feelings are a surety that this is the path God wants me to walk down.  What kind of woman is God calling you to be?

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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