The Number Fifty-Five is a Joy


I was sick the night of the church conference on Monday, January 14 where our church members voted on starting a second campus. In my mind I felt that our members would overwhelmingly vote “yes” for a second campus. The vote was 55%; yes and 45%; no.

Had I have been there at the meeting I would have voted, yes and here is why; as a staff member, I have been praying about this for months and months, and God put on my heart, a while ago, a scripture that I have held fast to this whole time…

You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and the trees of the field will clap their hands. –Isaiah 55:12

I believe the second campus is a calling from God to step out of ourselves and go out in joy to others that are lost in the mission field. We still have great ministry going on here at this campus and I am excited that it will continue. I am personally excited about the Spanish Ministry; it is a joy for me to see Rev. Juana in action, to feel her enthusiasm about the Hispanic people of our community.

I remember what a joy it was for me to accept Christ as my Savior in 2001. I was–and still am–on fire for the redemptive power of Jesus. I think a second campus would open the doors for more people to become a part of Cypress UMC and our awesome Savior.

It is a joy for me to work for a church that is looking and going out, searching for the lost, bringing them in, nurturing them spiritually, growing them as Christians to then have them go out and represent Christ.

It is a joy for me to know that our Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church is serious about our calling as Christians (from Jesus) to go and make disciples for the transformation of the world. They are so serious that they would grant $300,000 to Cypress UMC to start our second campus.

Lastly, it is a joy for me to work with our Senior Pastor, Dr. Jerome Brimmage, who has a passion for the lost and a passion for the people of this church, enough to lead them forth into a new mission field. Stepping out in faith can be a bit fearful, but we have a God who wants to lavish us with abundant blessings if we only obey.

55% said, “Yes, let’s do this thing!” Isaiah 55:12 says, “Go out in joy!”

Written By: Sarah Holbrook,
Cypress UMC Director of Communications

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