Modern Marvels…. Ta Ta For Now


Recently a brother in Christ suggested in an email that with all the technological advancements which gives us greater access somehow we have less real human connection.  It confounded this blogger and for quite a while I was mulling though this particular magnification in the theater of my mind.  As I began pondering over my own connections with family members and friends.  Watching myself, as well as my teen girl wonder I realized that these days it seems it is more acceptable to Instagram, iMessage, Facebook or tweet than for many of us to take a phone to the ear and speak to a friend or to go and give someone the gift of our time.

Our fingers it seems are programmed to quickly respond to a new alert from Facebook or twitter, saying we have a friend request or a response to our status update or tweet.  As we get hooked on our given medium (and I am no exception) it brings both a small prideful tug and a quickened pace at the realization someone has thought us worthy of their time and comment or retweet.  If you’re a Facebook’er then you’re aware of the disappointment in not gaining a response to an update you think is worthy, much like a friend who is too busy for a friend in need.  It’s hard for this blogger to think of friends (either close or casual) who may be in the depths of grief or struggling with loneliness.    They are sometimes brushed off and somehow become intermission music while the cast ensemble is in full production, they have in some sense taken a second hand to an electronic alert.

The analogies above aside, it does seem however, that the electronic evolution obtains victories in every pithy comment status posted, as well as likes for pictures or posters pasted to a given wall (insert your own cause here) this blogger can’t help but wonder what truly lies behind the front lines of the many sarcastic, humorous and pithy updates.

Now, I’m not knocking evolution, in this our electronic era, for I myself am rarely without one contraption or the other.  Life is busy and it goes without saying and will duly be noted here that there are times that we all want to meld into our couch, or a comfy recliner chair warmed by our favorite throw blanket while becoming numb to all things outside by what comes from the rectangle contraption affixed to the wall these days or the handheld device or your choice.

But, this does get the mind to wonder and wander: Have we traded our proverbial soul out to a fruitless (no matter how pithy) existence?  Are our family and friends better off in their relationships with us considering our electronic devices which give us greater access?  This blogger surely has no answer for self nor the masses, but God’s word in Psalm 19:8 gives us something to ponder …the commandment of the Lord is pure, enlightening the eyes.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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