I’ll Drive

2nd door

Occasionally our five year old is so overjoyed to hold doors open for ladies, he loves how they dote on him for his good manners.  He brags about how he is becoming a gentleman like his Father and Grandfather before him, pride just shines on his face, this manifests itself by his confident words in response to their doting ‘sure, no problem lady’ with a side of his wide smile.  Fear has no place in times like these for him.

There are times in our lives where God asks us to stretch our blind faith, encouraging us to face our fear as we try to do something that does not make us feel calm nor sure of what a future may look like down this new path.

I always find it exhilarating driving through unknown, winding roads.  There is something peaceful and beautiful about tall majestic trees commanding attention at the road side as you drive through their presence.  Recently, I found myself the passenger on a short road trip with a dear friend.  We began speaking of the differing paths in each of our lives and how things which were out of our control converged the two of us as God offered each one an answer to the specific questions in our hearts.

This is when I noticed that we were on a seemingly never ending curvy road going over small hills, one after another, where almost nothing was visible, our eyes at times seeing nothing more than a car length in front of us of what might lie ahead.  As I occupied the passenger seat, my right arm clenched the side seat just out of her view because for me having someone swerve where I would not is just a bit unnerving.  Just at the precise moment my mind was starting to really focus on her driving skills a small still thought enters the forefront of the theater of my mind and it struck me as never before.

God’s leading for each one of us is marked with times as these where there are paths we choose as we continue onward however, because of the path laid in front of us is not fully seen as in a long straight path seen down many a Texan road, we stop sometimes just short of our own dream becoming a reality.  Fear has gripped our minds and halted our hearts.

This non ability to see can cause our fear to move into overdrive if one thinks too hard on what is laying just beyond the proverbial winding, hilly curves that life sometimes offers.  However, I suggest, as our son takes pride in his duty as an emerging man cub, so God calls us each to go beyond what is familiar to us in our own lives gaining a fuller and happier understanding of his blessing waiting just beyond the fear.  Yes, fear may grip us on occasion, but if we trust the spirit which dwells within and we are true to our own passions in him, God becomes the driver whom does not swerve when we would not because he is within us driving along side of us not as two but as one.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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