Bang for Your Buck


Some of you might know me as the “Coupon Lady” from Operation Coupons at Cypress UMC; hello! My name is Nancy Willis and, yes, I clip coupons for a cause.

Has a thought ever come to your mind over and over and over until you know that God is speaking to you about a need? When I first came to Cypress UMC over 3 years ago, I loved the idea of giving donations to the Cypress Assistance Ministries (C.A.M.) every first Sunday of the month, and the generosity of the people here was astounding; the donations were gigantic! C.A.M. Sunday has been a long-standing tradition here at Cypress (over 17 years) and over the last few years it seems as if the donations have been dwindling and the “mountain top experience” is now in the valley. But I think God is calling us to turn around, climb back up that mountain, and stay there; to make every first Sunday (aka: C.A.M. Sunday) as big a deal as our Souperbowl of Caring Sundays! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

So, God has been getting me to thinking, “how can I be a blessing to those who bless others?” And, by golly, I think I’ve got it (thanks God)!

Bob, my husband, and I try to watch the sales and pick-up donations throughout the month. About two weeks ago, I mentioned this idea that I’m about to share with you to the Missions Committee, my Sunday school class, and to the United Methodist Women’s Executive Board. Everyone seemed to think the idea had merit.

Here it is: You provide me with your email address and each week I will email you a list of the best food pantry bargains from the major grocery stores. Using that list, you should be able to get a lot more “bang for your buck” as you buy your nancyC.A.M. donations (no coupons required). In addition, at the end of the month, I’ll email you to remind you that the coming first Sunday is C.A.M. Sunday at church.

Sound simple enough? Maybe even something you could be excited about?

Climb back to the top of that mountain with me and let’s extend our Extravagant Generosity
so much that the folks at C.A.M. will ask, “What’s going on at Cypress UMC?!”

If you are interested, please email Nancy Willis at
with “BANG FOR YOUR BUCK” in the subject line!

Written By: Nancy Willis,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

One thought on “Bang for Your Buck

  1. Nancy I am loving the emails! I even forward them on to friends who don’t go to church here, but donate to CAM and other organizations as well. I really appreciate all you do and love the idea of te reminder email! Thanks for being a blessing!

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