I’ll Read If You Make Me

worn bible

Do you ever wonder why it seems so hard to get a teen to write a letter to a grandparent who lives out of state?  One would think you have asked them to wear a petticoat, twirl a fluffy umbrella holding it saying ‘oh fiddle dee dee’ in front of the guy they swear they are in love with, but dare not speak his name.

As parents we try to instill the idea or literal use of manners in our offspring because in doing so we as mothers and fathers gain a sense of gratefulness for our own parents, while trying to lead budding teens to a minimum bar of accountability which will be used throughout their lives, so we hope.  Manners in the figurative sense is like God trying to get us to read.  For some of his children manners in reading comes more naturally while others really have to focus on their particular style and enjoy the journey of learning while gaining more hands on awareness, trying to work those muscles to put them to use in daily life for a successful adulthood in reading.

In the same way I stand over my teen asking if she has gotten through her first sentence of writing a letter that will bring much joy to the recipient, God tries to steer us to his word, gently nudging through a word from someone or through the short focused driven mediums like the upper room, knowing it will bring us understanding and joy through the sacred writings which are so accessible in today’s world.  With as much luck as I have, the old saying I hope you are blessed with a child just like you one day, does wonders for reflections, and thoughts about how God does it lingers.

Eva, she is a beautiful soul whom God has placed as one of my most dearest friends with whom I would be lost without.  She is my confidant (best secret keeper ever!), my mentor and a true Lady in Jesus Christ.  She is a strong bible reader, studier (is that a word?) I guess I should say she is a studious woman that I have the pleasure of gaining much Christian knowledge from.

Although the two of us have many similar traits, on reading and studying we differ in our approach.  I am more the listening to voice, mulling over, searing within, trying to apply them to daily life with some success and some failure while bringing forth in writing kind of person.  I mean I read (okay let’s exclude that I read all the twilight books in 2.5 days with no sleep) however it’s pretty much the pink petticoat scenario when it comes to bible reading but I do strive to pick up God’s word.  At times I will read the bible with such veracity it’s a bit scary, I’ve realized that these times are growing times in my life much like a child grows in sleep, I treasure them and gain much from them.  It’s in times like these that 2 Corinthians 4:6 proves itself as truth for this writer for it allows ‘…light to shine out of darkness’ and in those times I easily see that even in perceived darkness there God reside’s waiting to show each of us the Love that waits just beyond the lesson of manners.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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