I Am a Recovering “Juster” (not “Adjuster”)

justerThose of you that know me well know that I love the author and blogger, Jon Acuff. My favorite book of his is Stuff Christians Like. This book provides me with pages and pages of laughter. Sometimes I just (oops) can’t stop laughing. I have given this book to friends and co-workers (I work at Cypress UMC) in the hopes that we can share moments of laughter together. Some of my favorite short essays of the book are “Crock-Pots, A Love Letter”, “Raising our Hands in Worship”, and “Wishing You Had an Easy Job, Like Working at a Church”. When I believe I am taking life too seriously, I just (oops) crack open that book.

So, with that being said, I must admit that I am a recovering “Juster”. Let me explain…

I lead my Sunday school class called, Footprints, and usually at the end of the class we circle up and pray. So as people lift up their concerns and praises I end with a prayer and it could go something like this:

Father God, we just come to you today with all our concerns and praises. And I ask you to just wrap your loving arms around all things that we have just spoken here. Some were just not said and they are just on our minds, please just continue to be the mighty God that you are and make all things good. Just be a light for us and just bring us someone along our paths to just be light to because we know that it is just a dark world. Amen.

Now, take a moment to read this short essay called, “Just Using God’s Favorite Word When We Pray,” from Jon Acuff’s book (below), and you will understand why I have begun to really overhaul my prayer life.

We can all overcome this, if God would “just” help us! Want to start a support group?

juster 2

Written By: Sarah Holbrook,
Cypress UMC’s Director of Communications

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