Unsanitized Good Friday

good friday

There are a lot of things about the Bible that we tend to sanitize. Jesus’ birth, for one, was probably not so much a “Silent Night” “Away in a Manger.” Have you ever been inside a barn with livestock? It’s not the best breathing environment. Or what about Jesus’ life, really? We sanitize it. We talk about it like He was well kept and wore deodorant and wore pristine white robes all the time and was always smiling with His perfect teeth (see more on this, here). Well, the same is true with His death. We say He was beaten, and nailed to a cross where He, then, died. But that doesn’t portray a very realistic image to us, because most of us grew up in a pretty sanitized environment; no Roman soldiers to do our punishing.

With Good Friday being tomorrow, let’s look today at how much Jesus endured to save you and me.

I found this video a few years back. You may have seen it, but I encourage you to refresh your memory on it. In this video, a doctor talks about everything painful that happened to Jesus on Good Friday and explains it in detail. Don’t worry your little sanitized heads, though, there are no bloody images. To me, this video is very powerful and opened my eyes a little more to just how much Jesus loves.

Written By: Christie Walker,
Cypress UMC Communications Department

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