Tell Your Story


It’s a good thing some days, I believe, that when one writes you cannot see expression.

In language, a word is the smallest element that may be uttered in isolation with semantic or pragmatic content.  (Taken from Wikipedia

One can certainly gain a perspective of the individual based on a phrase worded a particular way one structures a sentence.  I know, too wordy.

Let’s start over.  Words: they are powerful, sometimes heart searing, and have the innate ability to either encourage or discourage either one or many.

I’ve always been wordy, much to my own dismay, I’ve found, more times than not. I’ve not been very encouraging most of my life, at least, from my own perspective.  Thankfully, God is merciful and has given me an outlet to try to encourage others these days with an innate ability he saw fit to gift to me in saying things a certain way.

Lot’s of people have wonderful stories yet refuse to share with others.  This blogger is a firm believer that it is not advantageous to us nor others to keep knowledge gained throughout our lives to ourselves.  As a body of Christ we each have redemption in our stories (whether that be extraordinary or a perceived ordinary) and others I have found can gain some knowledge from our observations and or experiences.

As I prayerfully try to allow God to mature this grey head of mine, one thought keeps filtering through. Which is that all stories, no matter big or small, whether it be observation or exaltation, they are all relevant.

I will admit, although it was fairly easy for these blogs to be written (and thus now being read) it was not, I assure you, easy for them to be uploaded and submitted.  In the submittal process, I have had meltdowns and downright mental panic attacks at the thought of mistakes being broadcast to the masses.  The fear is tempered only by an assuredness of Christ having the responsibility of my sanity (in my perceived view of being judged on my fairly horrible technical ability and/or storytelling).

It is never easy putting oneself out there, however, in whatever way you can, I encourage you to share as Christ Jesus would encourage you to share your story.   Whether on this blog, in a journal or speaking with a friend who would be able to write and thus share it for you.

The way others learn is from the advantages Christ has worked within each of us in a way no one else experiences except through our sharing.  It is the deceiver who wants our stories to remain within the shadows hiding behind the clouds of our humanity so that we do not encourage ourselves nor each other with the faith we obtained. But God put us here as: One body, a million stories.  We are not to shrink back, but boldly proclaim our stories in Him thereby allowing the reign to come forth from the shadows of the clouds.

Won’t you share yours? Submit here:

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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