Wind Chimes: Each One Makes It’s Own Music


Grandmother, what color is this?  It is the question my 5 year old granddaughter asks in hopes to prove herself right in an argument with our man cub. An answer quick and swift falls out of my mouth settling a ten minute tirade.  It was an ongoing banter they decided to take up after I finally finished explaining to the both of them that God probably does not want the two of them arguing over who does the better ‘food prayer’.

At this point, their prayers have become a listing of everything known to a five and six year old minds with those familiar ‘look who getting away with something’ smirks on their faces while their eyes look up to make sure everyone is paying attention.  It is a duel as old as the sands of time in which each one begins an attempt to out do the other, ranking themselves somehow higher and more pious on the prayer ladder.  They argue or do outdo attempts seemingly all day long.  Sometimes confounded by the non ceasing I go and try to focus on something else hoping they will tire before I am wittled down to my last inkling of sanity.

Needless to say, my corrections rarely fix anything more than the moment of correction and I, of course hear the same outdo rant, have access to the same smirky smile and behold the all to familiar googley eyes at the next shared meal as they begin the bantering once again.

One morning while listening in the early dawn hours to a radio program I was struck by a voice explaining a passage. My mind was now able to perceive what I had not been able to see before. It was over how prayer need not be wordy, long or showy. The discussion was over a small yet powerful familiar prayer found in Matthew 6:9-13 which is sometimes overlooked.

I’m not sure why it is but when we begin prayer in a larger group setting we become much like the children which I try to gently remind prayer is not about a list but a desire to give our heart to God and then listening to him as he puts things in our hearts to say with words to encourage those around us.

In mulling this particular memory around, I begin to contemplate: Does God tire of this bloggers bantering of this or that? And it brought me to the following conclusion…

Reflection in the mundane rarely produces significant change but maybe we look too much for significant change.  Maybe the change is more subtle where others eyes are opened around us and although we are a transport vehicle of some sort, we forget to join in on the voyage as a passenger noticing the small nuances of the winds of change.

Written By: Lisa Wooldridge,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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