Texas Youth Academy: Investing in the Young

During the two weeks I’ve spent at Texas Youth Academy, I’ve learned so many things from so many different people. The experiences I’ve had we’re incredible, I would do it all over again if I could. To be able to hear from each and every speaker/person has really changed my perspective on things in life.

photo 2

Janelle (left), Brooke (right), we bonded immediately! She made my TYA experience amazing as well. This is a friendship that will never be broken!

We visited church under the bridge, and our task was to find someone and talk to them about anything! I was a little nervous that someone would brush me off or tell me to go away. I walked up to a guy sitting on the curb and asked him how his day was going, he quickly told me “I don’t feel like talking.”

photo 3

Janelle (left), Ross (right). Ross was my worship leader. He made Worship Planning a blast!

It hurt my feelings because I only wanted to have a friendly conversation, but instead of being angry with him I smiled and told him to have a blessed day. It made me understand that I don’t know how bad things may be for someone, I should always have an open heart!

photo 7

I filled this drawing with colors that I like and clipped things out of magazines that interested me. The eye; I liked that way her eyelashes looked, they were long and perfect! The one heart one mind clipping described me. I have a generous heart and a sharp mind.

We also went to downtown Austin and my group was assigned the task to find the nearest H.E.B. and buy 2 weeks worth of grocery with WIC Food Stamps and only $40 cash. It was extremely hard because you could only buy certain brands of food with the WIC and Food Stamps. It also became frustrating because we were forced to cut things from our list because we couldn’t afford them. This is where God comes in, the only solution was to pray that God would provide!

Being at TYA has made me realize that God is always with you and through Him all things are possible!

Written by: Janelle Saunders,
Cypress UMC Youth & TYA Attendee

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