I Was a Scholarship Kid

ImageI was a scholarship kid.  We weren’t poor but money was tight.  My family had just moved to a new town when my dad graduated from college; I was in fourth grade.  I am the oldest of four children and the summer after my fourth grade year, my parents told me that I was going to church camp! The mission’s committee, at my church, gave me a scholarship; I couldn’t believe the generosity. It deeply affected me.

My first job – ever – was substituting for the church custodian while she was on vacation.  My task was to wash the communion cups following Sunday’s service. The money I made from that small job, paid for my church camp experience. I did this for a couple of years before taking a year-round part time job.  My sister then followed in my footsteps and worked those two weeks in the summer for the vacationing custodian.  To this day, I don’t know how many times my church camp experience was scholarshipped but the point is this:  church members gave faithfully and out of that generosity my life was changed.  My church member’s tithes and offerings allowed for me to attend faith building, Bible teaching, mission serving, mentored activities that resulted in a strong spiritual foundation for me. Thank you Jesus for this.

Today, all of my siblings serve God through lay leadership, volunteer activities, and/or as a member of church staff.  The result of my church investing in the young was life altering for my family. Join me in giving faithfully of our time, talents, and tithes.

Written By: Trisha Morrison
Cypress UMC Business Administrator

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