The Gathering Place


Come see what’s going on!  It’s Party Time at The Gathering Place and we’re having a wonderful time with the theme for the day!

The Cypress United Methodist Church’s Gathering Place is a really special ministry that’s sponsored by Interfaith Care Partners.  One of our main goals is to provide a safe and secure place for our Friends who have Alzheimer’s, Dementia, or Parkinson’s.  We provide lots of laughter, hugs, smiles, dancing, singing, crafts, and a rip-roaring party as well as a time of respite for the caregivers.  The care-givers desperately need this time to regenerate and refresh themselves to be ready to care for their loved one.  One caregiver said that she had been with her loved one constantly for eight years.  Another caregiver spent most of the day in the church’s library where it was quiet and she could have some time for herself.

Our Gathering Place is run by a team of caring volunteers, and training is available.  We would like to have enough volunteers so that each of our Friends has a volunteer with them at all times.

Each month’s Gathering Place revolves around a theme.  Themes are always chosen with our Friends in mind.  We have planned parties that include a Luau (with all of us learning to do the hula!), Tacky Attire Day, Kentucky Derby Day, Military Appreciation Day, and Olympic Games Day.  A miniature horse visited us for our Rodeo Day.  There was a special wedding event for those who wanted to renew their wedding vows, complete with bridal veils and a beautiful wedding cake!  Buddy is our visiting dog, and he likes to greet each of us.  When he gets tired, he goes to his kennel.  Buddy’s owner brought her mother and aunt to our Gathering, and now she is coming as a volunteer to give back some of the love they received.

As a volunteer, you would be able to offer respite time for a caregiver, smiles, friendship for our Friends, and a satisfaction for yourself that for one day a month you are helping one or more of God’s children to enjoy another day of His beautiful world.  The Gathering Place meets the third Wednesday of the month, so little time invested for so many benefits.  Come visit us to see for yourself the benefits of volunteering at the Cypress UMC Gathering Place.

Written by: Marilyn Fortenberry,
Cypress UMC Member & Volunteer

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