The World’s Largest Book Club


If church were a book club, it would be the world’s largest.
We’d all be there to talk about the book that we’re all reading together; to go chapter by chapter and try to understand, even deeper, what is written.
We’d probably get really obsessed with the characters and think about them and their stories in our free time.
We’d be able to quote lines from the book to people was we talked about it. We might even write down specific lines that resonated with us and tape them to our bathroom mirror or keep it as a bookmark.
We’d be so eager to see what will happen next that we wouldn’t be able to put it down. We’d stay up and read late into the night.
Some stories and plot lines would make our hearts beat faster, we’d gasp out loud, or laugh out loud, or just silently cry as the words on the page jumped out and hit us.
We’d beg all of our friends to read it so that they would understand why we love it so much.
We’d bring our book with us to book club each week, with notes and highlights and underlines, ready to talk about it.
We would probably be in a rush to read it before it became a movie, and after we saw the movie we’d say, “the book was better.”
If church were a book club, we’d all be there because we wanted to be and because we shared the same interest.

But church is not the world’s largest book club, because over half of the people at church haven’t even read the book.

And the book, well, it isn’t just any book. You don’t just read this book, finish it, and say, “Oh I read that once.” This is a book that is new each time you read it. This is a book that will be studied forever; that we should constantly crack open. This is a story that still hasn’t ended. This is a story that we are a part of. This is the Word of God. You don’t just read this book, it changes you. You will be called to action, to brokenness, to repentance, to love.

Maybe we should start calling church a book club. Maybe then we’d all understand how important it is to read the Bible. Maybe our Sunday school classes and Bible studies and the sermons we hear would be more enriching. Maybe then we’d feel a little more comfortable talking to people–who know nothing about what we believe–about what we believe. Maybe we’d learn more than just the 15 minute sermons can teach us. Maybe we’d be able to teach or lead the discussion once in a while. Maybe we could host to book club at our house sometimes with a smaller group of people and dig into it deeper.

If church were a book club, would you join it?


Written By: Christie Walker,
Cypress UMC Communications Department

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