Lauren Likes Giving

Did you know that Cypress UMC is a big supporter of citizens with disabilities in the Cy-Fair community?

  • Cypress UMC offers a Sunday school class, Bridges, designed to meet the needs of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (9:30 AM every Sunday)
  • Cypress UMC provides sign-language interpretation for worshipers with hearing impairments each week at the 9:30 AM service
  • The Love Out Loud (LOL) ministry, sponsored by the Youth Department, has a monthly event for individuals with disabilities to come socialize, participate in activities, and learn more about God
  • Each summer a special Vacation Bible School is held for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities to learn more about God
  • Twice a year, Cypress UMC provides the venue, and volunteers help to enable a community non-profit, that serves individuals with disabilities (Reach Unlimited), to have a social event for individuals with disabilities

505776558941d.imageReach Idol is one of the events held by Reach Unlimited each year that is sponsored by Cypress United Methodist Church. Reach Idol began with a goal of providing the clients of Reach Unlimited an opportunity to socialize and showcase their talents while developing an appreciation of the gifts afforded to each individual (regardless of challenges). Today, Reach Idol has grown to become an annual celebration of these gifts and includes more than 300 clients with audiences of more than 650 people!

Looking back at the first Reach Idol brings up my pride of being a member of Cypress United Methodist Church. The event was scheduled to be in the Ministry Activity Center, however, the room had been transformed into a shelter for individuals displace by hurricane Katrina, so we were relocated to the Sanctuary. We had pianists, dancers, poetry reciters, singers and a few joke tellers. 946016_486650498054667_1881508487_n

The event was a huge success not just for the families of the Reach Unlimited clients, but also for our Katrina guests, who came to enjoy the show. We had a difficult time getting the crowd to stop clapping between acts! The Reach Unlimited clients had smiles from ear to ear and feelings of pride coming from the audience’s appreciation.

Equally as moving was the joy on the faces of the guests, many far away from their New Orleans home, who were able to find some joy amongst their tragedy through Reach Idol.

I consider myself lucky to be affiliated with a religious community who recognizes that God makes no mistakes. Every person, even those with disabilities, adds value to our community and, many times, they are the truest reflection of God.

28579_107254045988082_3220654_nWritten By: Lauren Black,
Cypress UMC Member &
Finance Committee Member

Lauren likes giving because she can see, first hand,
the tangible ways God uses the funds given to
Cypress UMC to spread the love
and truth of Christ to our community.

Why do YOU like giving?

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