Gale Likes Giving

Cypress UMC has been part of the Parker family for over 30 years! We were introduced to the church through Wee Wuns when our oldest daughter,
Jennifer, started at age three. We loved not only the program, but the people as well, and joined the church soon after with an invitation from another Gale and George, the Howells.

Both George and I have volunteered throughout the years by teaching Sunday school, working with the youth choir and 6th grade MYF, mission trips, Coffee with the Pastor, confirmation and many other committees. We have served on SPRC, Trustees and Finance, and we just like being available to help whenever we can and in whatever capacity our church’s needs may be.

One ministry that is near and dear to our hearts is Love Out Loud (LOL). Our youngest daughter, Emily, not only looks forward to attending church every Sunday and singing “church songs,” but she marks on her own calendar when the LOL Sundays are so she can participate with the other kids and see her favorite folks (Tami, Christie, Amy, Dave, Adam and of course Lauren Black)!  Cypress UMC has opened their arms to Emily since she was born; she has been welcomed and has attended Wee Wuns, Sunday school, confirmation, mission trips, MYF, and now LOL. We’re so thankful that our church accepts, recognizes and shares Christ with people who have
cognitive challenges…not all churches do so.

The saying, “It is better to give than receive”, is one we believe in and try to live by, but it seems like the more we give, the more we receive!  When we count our blessings every day, it becomes evident that we receive so many, in so many different ways. Giving freely to our church is the only way the doors stay open, the lights stay on, the staff can be available, and the ministries are able to provide their many gifts and services. Just recently, our church readily opened its doors to 300 teachers from 3 area schools, as well as our Wee Wuns teachers, for training that directly impacted over 3000 students in our immediate area alone. Without our gifts, pledges and tithes, those kinds of services cannot take place.  It’s all God’s anyway!

I believe God has wonderful plans for our church, and I see people working so hard to make that happen on a daily basis.  We offer such a variety of
ministries to our very diverse community, that there is truly something for everyone while keeping our focus where it should be: on Jesus. We have been blessed in countless ways through this church.  We’ve made lifelong friends who are part of our family through decades of caring, sharing, and service. We’ve participated in many, many Bible studies that have strengthened our walk with Jesus. We’ve been blessed to be able to take the Emmaus Walk and be part of the incredible Wee Wuns staff. We’ve been supported through scary and tough times and have offered the same support to others. We can’t imagine not being part of this caring congregation. It is the people who make up the church, and we are proud to tell others we are members, and invite them to join us at Cypress UMC.

Gale likes giving because she loves seeing how God uses her gifts, pledges, and tithes, out of the blessings He has given her, to do His works through Cypress UMC. Why do YOU like giving?

gale parker
Written by: Gale Parker,
Cypress UMC Member & Lay Leader Committee Member

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