Unexpected Guests: Devotional Day 2

Sunday, December 8, 2013
Sermon Series: Unexpected Guests
Scripture: Luke 1:39-45, 76-80


*Gather with your family, friends, small group or Sunday school class and discuss these questions in depth.

  1. Read Luke 1:26-38.
  2. Mary sets out to visit the two people we studied last week: Zechariah and Elizabeth. Refer back to Luke 1:15: the baby Elizabeth bears will be filled with the Holy Spirit “even before his birth”. What happens in verse 41-42 when Elizabeth hears Mary’s greeting?
  3. Elizabeth confirms what the angel Gabriel had told her about the child she carries. Who told Elizabeth about this?
  4. What is Mary’s response to Elizabeth’s praises? (refer to Luke 1:46-56
  5. (Suggested reading: Luke 1:57-75)
  6. Zechariah’s “mouth was opened and his tongue freed” when he wrote on a tablet that his son’s name is John, the day he was born. When he could finally speak, he prophesied over his son. What did he say?
  7. What is John’s job as a servant of the Lord?
  8. John grew up and became strong in spirit, says the Scriptures. He did not appear publicly to Israel for many years. Where was he during that time?


  1. Elizabeth spoke to Mary like she was a celebrity (and technically, she is!). Have you ever done something you felt God called you to do and got directly praised for it? What was your reaction? What was Mary’s reaction to Elizabeth’s praises?
  2. Do you consider yourself a servant of the Lord? We were created to glorify and serve Him! What gifts has God given to you to serve and glorify Him to the best of your ability?
  3. The day John the Baptist was born was a crazy day in the household of Zechariah. All who witnessed it knew that God had His hand in it. Think of time when you could undoubtedly see God work through something in your life.
  4. Do you bring God praises every day? Don’t wait until Sunday to sing praises to Him or worship Him in other ways; make it a daily practice. How can you spend time praising God every day?


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