Unexpected Guests: Devotional Day 4

Sunday, December 22, 2013
Sermon Series: Unexpected Guests
Scripture: Luke 2:1-7


  1. Why were Mary & Joseph traveling?
  2. Where were Mary & Joseph traveling?
  3. Why was there to be a registration?
  4. Why did they go to Bethlehem?
  5. The scripture in Luke does not offer much detail about the birth of Jesus. What are the few facts that you gather from this passage?
  6. What can you infer using knowledge of the time, culture, and and cross-referencing?


  1. Knowing that Mary was giving birth to the Son of God, the Messiah, what do you think she thought about giving birth to him in a manger?
  2. It is this passage in Luke that gives us all the information we have on the “Inn,” and we only imply that there would be an “Inn Keeper” present. How have we painted the picture of the Inn Keeper in all the children’s stories of Christmas?
  3. Think of all the Christmas songs describing the birth of Jesus that you know. “Silent Night” or  “Away in a Manger”, for example. Do you think they accurately describe the night?
  4. The Savior of the world–who would be rejected and crucified–came to earth, rejected from being born in the Inn. Why do you think God had this happen?
  5. Do you think the Inn Keeper played a big role in the Christmas story? Why or why not?
  6. What role do you think YOU play?

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