A Message from the Coupon Lady

March 19, 2014

Dear friends of Operation:coupons,

20140324092755_00001We had a great 2013 at Operation:coupons. We are now shipping to more that 290 military families and 13 base community centers throughout the world. I know from the emails and notes we receive that our coupons are making a huge financial impact on these families. Some have told me that they bank the coupon savings to be able to travel so that their children can appreciate other cultures, other use the savings to send back to children going to school in the states, but for many families, it is a survival strategy to make it from pay day to pay day. Many of our families in Germany arrive to find that though they are together, the military member may be on “temporary duty” in another part of the world for up to nine months out of the year. Stranded in a foreign country, spouse gone, sometimes no car and your children looking to you to “make it all better” – not a pretty picture.

My husband, Bob, and I know from personal experience that there truly is “a military family”. Most of our new families contact me say, “I just arrived here at the base and I am totally lost. Someone I met told me you would send us coupons for free to use to help with our shopping. Please tell me this is true. Everything is so expensive over here!” They really are looking out for each other.20140324092734_00001

You have been such a blessing to us in our work. Your faithfulness in donating coupons to us is so precious to me. You make it possible to never have to say no to a new request for coupons. I truly appreciate ALL you do and look forward to another great year in partnership with you to let our military know we appreciate their sacrifices and that they are not forgotten.

Nancy Willis, Founder of Operation:coupons

Cypress United Methodist Church member

One thought on “A Message from the Coupon Lady

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