Today is the day!

I woke up early on Sunday, July 13th, all excited for the events about to transpire. The mission team, and others from the congregation, met at Cypress UMC for prayer and quick send off. We then made our way to the airport. We finally got on the plane and when we departed, Costa Rica became a little closer.

When we arrived in Costa Rica, we met up with another group at the airport as well as an intern. When we were all together, we made our way through the streets of San Jose toward our hotel.  The sights of San Jose were amazing!  Riding through the small town, we saw, up close and personal, the beautiful mountains in the distance, as well as the people on the bustling streets.

We finally reached our destination at Hotel Horcones, Carillos Bajo de Poas, ate lunch, and had our orientation. After lunch, our team leaders worked out the plans for the mission work, while the rest of team unpacked all the donations from Cypress UMC; eight suitcases!!  WHAT A BLESSING!

We decided to hit the streets (after unpacking) on foot, in the rain. While walking and taking in the sights, we stopped at a few places to see what Strong Missions had been working on. They’ve worked on various projects, such as building bleachers at a school, and building a community park.  God is truly blessing this place!  We even visited a local supermarket.


After our mini walking trip, we came back to the hotel and joined another group for dinner. The food was amazing!  The fellowship was great and the laughter was endless. We had a discussion about the next day’s events and concluded this very long day with devotion. The devotion was about reminding us how it is Christ’s desire for us to go out into the world and do His work. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings!

Written by Krishan Saunders, Member of Cypress United Methodist Church

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