So Many of God’s People

As the day started, we were up as usual ready to serve! We began the usual way, with fuel for our bodies. Our jobs for the day were to continue working on the feeding project from the previous days. It was so fulfilling to be able to see the progress from day to day knowing that what we are doing would benefit so many of God’s people! As the day pressed on, the more work we accomplished. We were eager and excited about this project, as we would love to be able to see it through to the end, time permitting.

After our workday, we joined in fellowship and connection with the local United Methodist congregation. They where overjoyed to have us join them in worship. The worship service and music, was spirit-filled and although there was a language barrier for most of us, we witnessed, first hand, that the Holy Spirit was present and alive. We all felt the Spirit across language barriers and cultures, and we were witnesses! It was an awesome end to an amazing day and as always; Cypress UMC was ready to serve in Costa Rica! Amen!

Written by Krishan Saunders, Cypress UMC member


Finishing up drywall


Prayer before the day


Never too young!


A break with Dad


Sprit-filled worship, Costa Rica style


View of the whole space, Cypress UMC crew workin’ it!

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